Is ZenSearch Malware?

No, of course not. We run an honest business here.

We distribute the ZenSearch browser add-on through our own site, but also through distribution partners. The add-on may be offered to you as an optional offer when installing other software from our partners.

When distributed through a partner product, ZenSearch is always clearly disclosed. It is never installed without user consent.

Sometimes a user doesn't pay attention to such offers and install one by mistake, by blindly clicking "Accept" to it without reading what it is about.

These users are naturally surprised to see software "sneak" into their system, although it was because they accepted it themselves. They may complain to anti-virus companies, and because of this, some anti-virus/anti-malware products may detect legitimate software as "potentially unwanted" because of these (unfair) complaints. We have seen this happen before, and we are certain we will see it again, even though we do business "by the book" and have passed various compliance tests.

So, if you saw a warning when installing ZenSearch, or if you found it on your PC not knowing where it came from, now you know.

If you accidently installed ZenSearch on your computer, you can easily uninstall it: How to uninstall ZenSearch.

If you have any doubts or questions about ZenSearch, please get in touch.